The History Of Maxwell House Decaf Coffee

The History Of Maxwell House Decaf Coffee

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Upon drinking Maxwell House coffee, President Theodore Roosevelt exclaimed Maxwell House coffee being “good to the last drop,” it stuck and a famous registered trademark was born.

The Kraft General Foods Corporation now owns the brand Maxwell House coffee. Originally, Maxwell House was the name of a well-known hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. The coffee served at the Maxwell House came from a grocer in the neighborhood named Joel Cheek. Mr. Cheek blended the coffee for the Maxwell House. Sadly, the original Maxwell House burned to the ground in 1961. Another Maxwell house was rebuilt in 1970 a few miles away from the original site. This time it had to get permission from the Kraft General Foods, which owns the rights to the name.

In addition, Joel Cheek built a mansion on the outskirts of Nashville from the 온라인카지노 proceeds of the sales of the Cheek-Neal coffeehouse, the birthplace of the Maxwell House coffee. The mansion, which is called Cheekwood, was later donated to the people of Tennessee and is presently used as a botanical garden and an art gallery.

From the humble beginnings, the Kraft General foods marketed the Maxwell House coffee and now offers...

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